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Water security has been an emerging and rapidly developing new research area. A bibiometric study is very helpful. By sufficiently analyzing the data from all related items between 1998 and 2015 obtained in Web of Science databases, we found the publications in overall scopes, various subjects, countries or journals all matched logistic growths with large(More)
In recent years, China’s urbanization has developed very quickly. Many scholars have conducted China’s urbanization research (CUR) and have published a large number of articles. With CUR as a case, we construct the dynamic co-word network to analyze the characteristics of development about the knowledge system (KS). We draw several conclusions from this(More)
Information system is a typical complex system with a great number of agents. With the current wave of Web 2.0, this concept has been widely mentioned. This paper has fully considered the complex interactions among agents in information system, and defines the generalized entropy of the system. Physical laws for the evolution dynamics of information system(More)
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