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Interrupt-driven software is difficult to test and debug, especially when interrupts can be nested and subject to priorities. Interrupts can arrive at arbitrary times, leading to an explosion in the number of cases to be considered. We present a new formal approach to verifying interrupt-driven software based on symbolic execution. The approach leverages(More)
Today’s microelectronics industry is increasingly confronted with the challenge of developing and validating software that closely interacts with hardware. These interactions make it difficult to design and validate the hardware and software separately; instead, a verifiable co-design is required that takes them into account. This paper demonstrates a new(More)
Read-Copy Update (RCU) is a scalable, high-performance Linux-kernel synchronization mechanism that runs lowoverhead readers concurrently with updaters. Productionquality RCU implementations for multi-core systems are decidedly non-trivial. Giving the ubiquity of Linux, a rare “million-year” bug can occur several times per day across the installed base.(More)
All IPPM QoS parameter metrics are defined for end-to-end one-way measurement These metrics provide exact indicators of network layer quality in the pair communications. However, further attention should be put on the multiparty communications, which might use multicast routing protocols, e.g., the IP conferencing services, online gaming, online stock(More)
Data transmission, such as software update, large file broadcasting and video on demand, can take advantage of the wide coverage and the broadcasting features of the satellite networks. The multicast technologies provide the support for these applications by efficiently using the expensive satellite bandwidth. One of them is the File Delivery over(More)
There is growing interest in providing multimedia and broadband access over satellites. However there are several technical challenges need to be addressed. One challenge is security in terms of understanding threats and providing an effective security system. Also this paper presents a ULE security solution using ULE mandatory extension headers. The design(More)
As one of the key elements in an IPv6 supported DVB-RCS satellite network, the multicast architecture design is facing the challenges of interworking between the IPv6 multicast protocols and the satellite signaling while efficiently using the satellite bandwidth. How to enable the multicast group management functions for satellite end users with and without(More)
Multicast research has explored the security challenges faced in group communications. Multicast transport and multicast security need to work in close collaboration to realise a multicast service. However, there has been comparatively little work to combine the two technologies. In this paper the authors is presenting an example of partially integrating(More)
Broadband satellite will play an important role to provide universal broadband access for the users. In order to lower the cost, the next-generation satellite systems should support IPv6 and seamlessly integrate with terrestrial networks, including wireless local loops. In this paper, a novel network architecture has been proposed as a potential solution to(More)
Multimedia conference is one of the important applications in the Internet. To support such an application over satellite networks, one has to address quality of service (QoS) and performance of IP applications over satellite. Research has been carried to study how satellite networks can support efficiently the IP based multimedia applications including(More)
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