Lihan K Yan

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UNLABELLED ᅟ: Starch requires six enzymes for digestion to free glucose: two amylases (salivary and pancreatic) and four mucosal maltase activities; sucrase-isomaltase and maltase-glucoamylase. All are deficient in suckling rodents. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to test (13)C-starch digestion before weaning by measuring enrichment of blood(More)
This paper reviews several common challenges encountered in statistical analyses of epidemiological data for epidemiologists. We focus on the application of linear regression, multivariate logistic regression, and log-linear modeling to epidemiological data. Specific topics include: (a) deletion of outliers, (b) heteroscedasticity in linear regression, (c)(More)
In order to validate the results of a thorough QT/QTc clinical trial, ICH E14 recommended that a concurrent positive control treatment be included in the trial. Zhang (2008) recommended that the study results are validated if the positive control establishes assay sensitivity, i.e., has an effect on the mean QT/QTc interval of 5 ms or more. Zhang (2008) and(More)
In family-based association studies, an optimal test statistic with asymptotic normal distribution is available when the underlying genetic model is known (e.g., recessive, additive, multiplicative, or dominant). In practice, however, genetic models for many complex diseases are usually unknown. Using a single test statistic optimal for one genetic model(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the optimal method for covering smallpox vaccination sites to prevent transmission of vaccinia. DESIGN Randomized, nonblinded clinical trial. SETTING Tertiary care medical center. PARTICIPANTS Vaccinia-naive and vaccinia-experienced volunteers. INTERVENTIONS After vaccination, study participants were randomized to receive 1 of 3(More)
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