Lih-Tyng Hwang

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Skyrocketing growth in the cellular personal communications services (PCS) sector has fueled the needs for higher density, more functionality, and greater performance on both handset and basestations. Third generation wireless standards, which require hardware upgrades, loom on the horizon. RF component suppliers are scrambling to find solutions at the IC,(More)
There has been a proliferation of real-time sensing application due to the recent technological improvements in small, inexpensive, low-power, and distributed “smart” sensor nodes capable of doing a small amount of data processing and storage. Sensor network coordinates a collection of these sensor nodes to enable a high quality detection(More)
This paper presents a pipeline inspection robot with a linkage mechanical clutch, which consists a novel belt driven ridged cone shaped skate model that can be used to conquest irregular environmental barriers. The mechanical clutch is a 3-bar linkage mechanism. The robot is designed to be conformal to the environment: each chain being in touch with the(More)
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