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We describe ALARM-NET, a wireless sensor network for assisted-living and residential monitoring. It integrates environmental and physiological sensors in a scalable, heterogeneous architecture. A query protocol allows real-time collection and processing of sensor data by user interfaces and back-end analysis programs. One such program determines circadian(More)
This paper deals with a new medical information system called Alarm Net designed for smart healthcare. Based on an advanced Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), it specifically targets assisted-living residents and others who may benefit from continuous and remote health monitoring. We present the advantages, objectives, and status of the system built at the(More)
To speak fluently is a complex skill. In order to help the learner to acquire it we propose an electronic version of an age old method: pattern drills (PD). While being highly regarded in the fifties, pattern drills have become unpopular since then. Despite certain shortcomings we do believe in the virtues of this approach, at least with regard to the(More)
Speaking a language can be an overwhelming task. The message (what to say), its corresponding linguistic expression (how to say it) and sound form (say it, i.e. articulation) have to be determined practically on the fly. To allow for this, parts of the process, in general the mechanical aspects (sentence structures) are automated, that is, they are carried(More)
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