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As the core of answer extraction of question answering system of restricted domain, reasoning plays an important role in the system. In question answering system of restricted domain, we use ontology model. How to reason with ontology model depicted with OWL using the protégé and Jena API are discussed, then, the reasoning application of(More)
This article proposes such a question classification approach that integrates multiple semantic features. It is aimed at these two questions in Chinese question classification models: inaccurate semantic information extraction and too slow processing speed caused by too high Eigenvector dimension. With the help of HowNet and the support vector machine and(More)
Subjective text recognition is the premise of emotion computation. The current method is the dictionary-based method and statistical-based method, while ignoring the subjective clues which contain rich emotional information and the accuracy is not high. To solve this problem, this paper selects the associated word, the emotional word as well as the(More)
Question Understanding of Chinese Question-Answering System generally includes steps such as: word segmentation, POS Tagging, keywords expansion, information retrieval etc. The extended keyword set usually has redundant messages and part of the words and phrases may be not relevant to the question. Consequently, information retrieval with the extended(More)
The concept semantic similarity computation has vast application in the question answering system field, semantic similarity is becoming the basis of semantic expansion in the question answering system, and influences the recall rate and precision rate of the question answering system immensely. After we analyze the traditional method of semantic similarity(More)
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