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In this paper, we propose a temporal extension to an extended ERT model and extend database temporal models to handle the fuzzy numbers. The concept of lifespan for entities and relationships is incorporated in the FTER model. We specify a fuzzy temporal query and update temporal language which is an extension from the TQuel language. The concepts of fuzzy(More)
Many users benefit from decision support systems (DSS), but sometimes they can't readily comprehend the nature or meaning of the outcome from DSS. In general, interpretation of data is much more intuitive if the results from the DSS are translated into charts, maps, and other graphical displays because visualization exploits our natural ability to recognize(More)
—This paper present a fuzzy temporal data model for uncertainty/implicit events more precisely, and introduce fuzzy temporal complex event value relations, which combine the concept of fuzzy temporal relations with the idea of fuzzy temporal values in a uniform framework. We elaborate a model theoretic definition of fuzzy temporal information combination(More)
The paper presents a new method for texture feature extraction and description. Gabor wavelet transform, statistical method and fuzzy logic are used together to compute the fuzzy set of main dominant directions of variable scales of medical images of the same kind and the membership degree of dominance of each element in the fuzzy set. Texture feature(More)
—Recent years have shown a surge in interest in fuzzy/temporal database systems, which allow users to store fuzzy time dependent information. Conventional relational systems are often inefficient for fuzzy temporal query processing because new characteristics are not taken into consideration[1]. Representation and querying of temporal information can(More)
In recent years, many new backtracking algorithms for solving constraint satisfaction problems have been proposed. We adopt the Probabilistic Temporal Interval Network, which is based on characterizations of the set of search tree nodes visited by the backtracking algorithms. A Temporal Interval Network is a constraint satisfaction problem where the nodes(More)
In this paper, a new method of image enhancement, which only depends on the difference of grey values of adjacency flat zones of an image, is proposed according to the theory of morphological reconstruction. First of all, a non-idempotent connected operator which can be the criterion for multi-scale enhancement is defined and the criterion is a key to(More)