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This paper presents a Task-reconfigurable system developed for efficient and reliable MEMS assembly. The system consists of a set of autonomous modules that can adapt their shape and function to various assembly tasks, including a distributed 6 DOF coarse positioning module, a distributed 5 DOF fine positioning module, grippers designed for different(More)
In this paper, we present a MEMS assembly system under hybrid control of vision and force feedback. The construction of a micro-vision system is introduced in detail and a new micro-force sensor was developed. The strategies of integrating force and vision feedback have been investigated experimentally and impact experimental results are presented. A task(More)
As an ideal method to manipulate biological particles, the dielectrophoresis (DEP) technique has been widely used in clinical diagnosis, disease treatment, drug development, immunoassays, cell sorting, etc. This review summarizes the research in the field of bioparticle manipulation based on DEP techniques. Firstly, the basic principle of DEP and its(More)
This paper presents the design, fabrication, and application of an piezoelectrically driven microgripper integrated sidewall piezoresistive force sensor for measuring the gripping force. Surface and bulk micromachining technology is employed to fabricate end-effectors and sensor of the microgripper from a single crystal silicon wafer. Vertical sidewall(More)
Due to scale effects, the releasing of micro objects has been a long-standing challenge in micromanipulation applications. In this paper a micromanipulation system is presented based on the adhesion control with compound vibration. This adhesion control technique employs inertia force to overcome adhesion force achieving 100% repeatability with releasing(More)
As the endeffectors of micromanipulation systems, microgrippers are crucial point of such systems for their efficiency and their reliability. So the steady and reliable performance of the microgripper is needed. In this work, a hybrid-type electrostatic silicon microgripper integrated vacuum tool is designed and fabricated to realize the steady gripping and(More)