Ligia Maria Torres Peçanha

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An 87.7% (P < 0.01) and 84% (P < 0.001) of protection against visceral leishmaniasis was achieved in CB hamsters and Balb/c mice, respectively, with saponin combined to the fucose-mannose ligand of(More)
The effects of the alkaline earth divalent cation Barium (Ba2+) were studied in in-vitro murine polyclonal T cell activation induced with a panel of T cell mitogens consisting of the plant mitogens(More)
We have recently demonstrated that polyclonal T-cell activation induced by PHA defines an activation pathway which is resistant to blockade by barium (Ba2+) ions. Other modes of T-cell activation,(More)
Ampelozizyphus amazonicus Ducke is a medicinal plant used in the Amazon region to prepare a drink with tonic, immunomodulatory and adaptogenic properties. Due to the growing interest in dietary(More)