Ligaya Butalid

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The present study examines the effects of six weather parameters (temperature, wind power, sunlight, precipitation, air pressure, and photoperiod) on mood (positive affect, negative affect, and tiredness). Data were gathered from an online diary study (N = 1,233), linked to weather station data, and analyzed by means of multilevel analysis. Multivariate and(More)
BACKGROUND Doctor-patient communication has been influenced over time by factors such as the rise of evidence-based medicine and a growing emphasis on patient-centred care. Despite disputes in the literature on the tension between evidence-based medicine and patient-centered medicine, patients' views on what constitutes high quality of doctor-patient(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether GPs' communication styles have changed since the introduction and implementation of clinical guidelines for psychosocial problems in Dutch general practice in the 1990s. METHODS From a database of 5184 consultations videotaped between 1977 and 2008, 512 consultations assessed by GPs as 'completely psychosocial' were coded with(More)
Background The rise of evidence-based medicine may have implications for the doctor-patient interaction. In recent decades, a shift towards a more task-oriented approach in general practice indicates a development towards more standardised healthcare. Objective To examine whether this shift is accompanied by changes in perceived quality of doctor-patient(More)
BACKGROUND In a recent study comparing psychosocial consultations prior to and after the implementation of national clinical guidelines in the Netherlands, we found that general practitioners (GPs) showed less empathy in the more recent consultations. As a consequence, patients possibly have less scope to express their worries. The objective is to(More)
OBJECTIVE We aim to study GPs' sensitivity to patients' distress and communication on psychosocial factors prior to and after the introduction of the clinical guideline for low back pain. METHODS Consultations from previous studies on doctor-patient communication in the Netherlands were available for secondary analyses. We selected consultations in which(More)
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