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(a) ASAP (b) ARAP (c) LABF (d) IC (e) CP Figure 1: Parameterization of the Gargoyle model using (a) our As-Similar-As-Possible (ASAP) procedure, (b) As-Rigid-As-Possible (ARAP) procedure, (c) Linear ABF [ZLS07], (d) inverse curvature approach [YKL*08], and (e) curvature prescription approach [BCGB08]. The pink lines are the seams of the closed mesh when cut(More)
The bidirectional texture function (BTF) is a 6D function that can describe textures arising from both spatially-variant surface reflectance and surface mesostructures. In this paper, we present an algorithm for synthesizing the BTF on an arbitrary surface from a sample BTF. A main challenge in surface BTF synthesis is the requirement of a consistent(More)
(a) (b) (c) (d) 0 RT DA VB SZ 1 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 Sum (a) (b) (c) Figure 1: Optimizing the aesthetics of the original photograph in (a) by our approach leads to the new image composition shown in (c). (b) shows the cropping result of the approach of [Santella et al. 2006]. The aesthetic scores are shown in (d). Our result in (c) obtains higher aesthetic score(More)
Recently, differential information as local intrinsic feature descriptors has been used for mesh editing. Given certain user input as constraints, a deformed mesh is reconstructed by minimizing the changes in the differential information. Since the differential information is encoded in a global coordinate system, it must somehow be transformed to fit the(More)
This paper presents an approach for establishing vertex correspondences between two planar shapes. Correspondences are established between the perceptual feature points extracted from both source and target shapes. A similarity metric between two feature points is defined using the intrinsic properties of their local neighborhoods. The optimal(More)
We present an easy-to-use image retouching technique for realistic reshaping of human bodies in a single image. A <i>model-based</i> approach is taken by integrating a 3D whole-body morphable model into the reshaping process to achieve globally consistent editing effects. A novel <i>body-aware image warping</i> approach is introduced to reliably transfer(More)
We present a novel approach to localization of sensors in a network given a subset of noisy inter-sensor distances. The algorithm is based on &#8220;stitching&#8221; together local structures by solving an optimization problem requiring the structures to fit together in an &#8220;As-Rigid-As-Possible&#8221; manner, hence the name ARAP. The local structures(More)
Blue noise point sampling is one of the core algorithms in computer graphics. In this paper, we present a new and versatile variational framework for generating point distributions with high-quality blue noise characteristics while precisely adapting to given density functions. Different from previous approaches based on discrete settings of(More)
We introduce a <i>contextual descriptor</i> which aims to provide a <i>geometric</i> description of the <i>functionality</i> of a 3D object in the context of a given scene. Differently from previous works, we do not regard functionality as an abstract label or represent it implicitly through an agent. Our descriptor, called <i>interaction context or(More)