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A Local/Global Approach to Mesh Parameterization
We present a novel approach to parameterize a mesh with disk topology to the plane in a shape‐preserving manner. Expand
Scanning 3D Full Human Bodies Using Kinects
In this paper, we present a novel scanning system for capturing 3D full human body models by using multiple Kinects. Expand
Dual Laplacian editing for meshes
We present a novel iterative editing framework that iteratively updates both the primal vertex positions and the dual Laplacian coordinates to progressively reduce distortion in parametrization and geometry. Expand
Synthesis of bidirectional texture functions on arbitrary surfaces
The bidirectional texture function (BTF) is a 6D function that can describe textures arising from both spatially-variant surface reflectance and surface mesostructures. Expand
An as-rigid-as-possible approach to sensor network localization
We present a novel approach to localization of sensors in a network given a subset of noisy inter-sensor distances by solving an optimization problem requiring the structures to fit together in an "As-Rigid-As-Possible" manner, hence the name ARAP. Expand
Cost-effective printing of 3D objects with skin-frame structures
In this paper, we present an automatic solution to design a skin-frame structure for the purpose of reducing the material cost in printing a given 3D object. Expand
Co‐Segmentation of 3D Shapes via Subspace Clustering
We present a novel algorithm for automatically co‐segmenting a set of shapes from a common family into consistent parts. Expand
Parametric reshaping of human bodies in images
We present an easy-to-use image retouching technique for realistic reshaping of human bodies in a single image. A model-based approach is taken by integrating a 3D whole-body morphable model into theExpand
Bi-Normal Filtering for Mesh Denoising
  • M. Wei, Jinze Yu, +4 authors P. Heng
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer…
  • 2015
We take advantage of the piecewise consistent property of the two normal fields and propose an effective framework in which they are filtered and integrated using a novel method to guide the denoising process. Expand
Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on China: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications
This paper applies a structural vector autoregression analysis to quantify the impact of the global financial crisis on China. It is found that the impact is indeed sizeable: a 1-percent decline inExpand