Ligang Gong

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Keywords: Artificial Bee Colony algorithm (ABC) AB off-lattice model Protein secondary structure optimization Convergence of algorithm a b s t r a c t Predicting the secondary structure of protein has been the focus of scientific research for decades, but it remains to be a challenge in bioinformatics due to the increasing computation complexity. In this(More)
Unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) have been of great interest to military organizations throughout the world due to their outstanding capabilities to operate in dangerous or hazardous environments. UCAV path planning aims to obtain an optimal flight route with the threats and constraints in the combat field well considered. In this work, a novel(More)
—Submarine search-evasion path planning aims to acquire an evading route for a submarine so as to avoid the detection of hostile anti-submarine searchers such as helicopters, aircraft and surface ships. In this paper, we propose a numerical optimization model of search-evasion path planning for invading submarines. We use the Artificial Bee Colony (ABC)(More)
Image template matching refers to the technique of locating a given reference image over a source image such that they are the most similar. It is a fundamental mission in the field of visual target recognition. In general, there are two critical aspects of a template matching scheme. One is similarity measurement and the other is best-match location(More)
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