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In order to improve the efficiency of massive medical images retrieval, against the defects of the single-node medical image retrieval system, a massive medical images retrieval system based on Hadoop is put forward. Brushlet transform and Local binary patterns algorithm are introduced firstly to extract characteristics of the medical example image, and(More)
Port is an important node in logistics system. Aiming at lack of calculating and analysis for comprehensive efficiency in Port Logistics research, we bring DEA two-stage relative evaluation into this paper, and get production efficiency value and X-efficiency value. Based on these values, a formula for comprehensive efficiency measurement is proposed.(More)
This paper proposes a reliable facility location design model under imperfect information with site-dependent disruptions; i.e., each facility is subject to a unique disruption probability that varies across the space. In the imperfect information contexts, customers adopt a realistic "trial-and-error" strategy to visit facilities; i.e., they visit a number(More)
A new method for rapid screening of unknown organic iodine (OI) in small-volume complex biological samples was developed using in-tube solid phase microextraction (SPME) nanospray mass spectrometry (MS). The method proposed a new identification scheme for OI based on nanospray high-resolution mass spectrometry (HR-MS). The mass ranges of OI ions were(More)
The consumption of edible iodized salt is a key strategy to control and eliminate iodine deficiency disorders worldwide. We herein report the identification of the organic iodine compounds present in different edible iodized salt products using liquid chromatography combined with high resolution mass spectrometry. A total of 38 organic iodine compounds and(More)
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