Lifen Hu

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Antimicrobial treatment of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (MDR-AB) infections continues to pose significant challenges. With limited options, clinicians have been pushed towards using unorthodox combinations of licensed antibiotics. Although daptomycin/colistin combination appears to be a promising treatment option based on in vitro data,(More)
This study was conducted to detect and analyse the presence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance (PMQR) determinants [qnr, aac(6')-Ib-cr and qepA] among Citrobacter freundii isolates from patients in Anhui province, PR China. During 2009-2010, 31 C. freundii strains were collected from various hospital units and patient specimens. Using PCR, qnr genes(More)
BACKGROUND Shigella is a frequent cause of bacterial dysentery in the developing world. Treatment with antibiotics is recommended for shigellosis, but the options are limited due to globally emerging resistance. This study was conducted to determine the frequency and pattern of antimicrobial susceptibility of Shigella in China. METHODS We studied the(More)
One hundred fifty-three Shigella isolates were examined for multiple antibiotic resistance phenotypes and prevalence of class 1 and class 2 integron sequences. The gene cassettes dfrA17-aadA5, dfrA12-orfF-aadA2, and arr-3-aacA4 were found in typical class 1 integrons. The gene cassettes blaOXA-1-aadA1 and dfrA1-sat1-aadA1 were detected in atypical class 1(More)
We examined the prevalence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance (PMQR) determinants among Acinetobacter baumannii in Anhui, China. And β-lactamase genes and mutations in quinolone resistance-determining regions (QRDRs) were also investigated among the PMQR-positive isolates. Among the 39 A. baumannii isolates, 3 (7.7%) isolates harbored qnrB and 1(More)
BACKGROUND The emergence of fosfomycin resistance and extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL) genes is a serious threat to public health and a new challenge in shigellosis treatment. The purpose of this study was to identify fosfomycin resistance and characterize β-lactamase genes in fos-carrying isolates of Shigella flexneri from patients in China. METHODS(More)
Sir, Serratia marcescens, once considered to be an innocuous and non-pathogenic organism, is now an important cause of hospital-acquired infections. This organism is associated with respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, septicemia, meningitis, and wound infections [1, 2]. S. marcescens infections are difficult to treat because of high(More)
BACKGROUND With increasing antibiotic resistance, the selection of effective treatment of A. baumannii infections is particularly challenging. METHODS This study assessed the activities of the combination of vancomycin and colistin combination in vitro and in vivo using a Galleria mellonella model against four colistin-susceptible or colistin-resistant A.(More)
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