Lifang Zheng

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One genus and species are synonymized in the tribe Empoascini of the subfamily Typhlocybinae. Bhatasca Dworakowska, 1995is a junior synonym of Alebrasca Hayashi & Okada, 1994, Bhatasca rectangulata Qin & Zhang, 2011is a junior synonym of Alebrasca actinidiae Hayashi & Okada, 1994. Furthermore, Bhatasca expansa is (necessarily) transferred to the genus(More)
In an attempt to identify potential new agents active against drug-resistant Tuberculosis (TB) and with reduced hepatotoxicity, molecules were designed by molecular hybridization of isoniazid (INH) and cinnamic acids. The design principle was aimed at combining the synergistic property of cinnamic acids with sequestering activity of INH moiety to get(More)
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