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BACKGROUND The irrational use of drugs was a global problem, especially in developing countries. However, there are no studies available on irrational use of drugs in rural Western China. OBJECTIVE To assess the drug prescribing patterns using World Health Organization Drug Use Indicators at village health clinics in rural areas of Western China. (More)
Several spatiotemporal patterns: random spots, hexagon pattern, coexistences of hexagon and square pattern, and square pattern are obtained in dielectric barrier discharge system while increasing the voltage with other parameters fixed. By using image processing including spatial correlation function and Fourier spectrum, the structures of patterns and the(More)
A series of periodic spatiotemporal patterns are presented in air dielectric barrier discharge, which undergo the evolvement sequence from random spots--hexagon pattern--white-eye pattern-chaos, when increasing the applied voltage. By using image processing method, including the Fast Fourier Transform, read and display technique, the structures of different(More)
—Fast Fourier transform of the time series is an important way to analyze the periodic and chaos behavior of the signal. In this paper, the light signals of two types of ring-shaped spots, which are found in dielectric barrier discharge in the mixture of air and argon with two liquid electrodes, are recorded and compared through Fast Fourier transform. It(More)
The formation of the spiral patterns in dielectric-barrier discharge is investigated through instantaneous pictures at successive driving half cycles taken by an intensified-charge coupled device (ICCD). The filaments discretely distributed in each instantaneous picture corresponding to one discharge pulse indicate that they are the basic unit of the spiral(More)
One of the challenges that plasma research encounters is how to generate a large-scale plasma plume at atmospheric pressure. Through utilizing a third electrode biased by a direct-current voltage, a longer plasma plume is generated by a plasma jet in dielectric barrier discharge configurations. Results indicate that the plume length increases until it(More)
—Time-varying light emission signals, obtained in patterned dielectric barrier discharge, are processed by combining wavelet technique. For conventional one, it can be only presented the correlation trend between the two signals, while the modified correlation analysis can locate the correlated time exactly. Based on this, the probability density functions(More)
—The Fast Fourier Transform is an important method in analysis patterns. In this paper, the FFT is used to the images of the patterns to analyze the competition of the modes and the evolution of the patterns. With the increase of applied voltage the competition between patterns are obtained in dielectric barrier discharge system with two liquid electrodes(More)
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