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With the rapid development of Internet and E-commerce, abundant product reviews have been written by consumers who bought the products. These reviews are very useful for consumers to optimize their purchasing decisions. However, since the reviews are all written by consumers who have bought and used a product, there are generally very few or even no reviews(More)
Video popularity prediction plays a foundational role in many aspects of life, such as recommendation systems and investment consulting. Because of its technological and economic importance, this problem has been extensively studied for years. However, four constraints have limited most related works' usability. First, most feature oriented models are(More)
We present a novel graph ranking model to extract a diverse set of answers for complex questions via random walks over a negative-edge graph. We assign a negative sign to edge weights in an answer graph to model the redundancy relation among the answer nodes. Negative edges can be thought of as the propagation of negative endorsements or disapprovals which(More)
With the rapid outstripping of limited health care resources by the demands on hospital care, it is of critical importance to find more effective and efficient methods of managing care. Our research addresses the problem of emergency department (ED) crowding by building classification models using various types of pre-admission information to help predict(More)
We present NegativeRank, a novel graph-based sentence ranking model to improve the diversity of focused summary by performing random walks over sentence graph with negative edge weights. Unlike the typical eigenvector centrality ranking, our method models the redundancy among sentence nodes as the negative edges. The negative edges can be thought of as the(More)
Nowadays, search engines have become indispensable parts of modern human life, which create hundreds and thousands of search logs every second throughout the world. With the explosive growth of online information, a key issue for web search service is to better understand user's need through the short search query to match the user's preference as much as(More)
Ontologies, as sets of concepts and their interrelations in a specific domain, have proven to be a useful tool in the areas of digital libraries, semantic web, and the like. But large-scale analysis of ontology usage is constrained primarily in specific domain, like medical, scholarly artifact, biosciences, where knowledge presentation is structured and(More)