Lieven Penninck

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We present a simulation method for light emitted in uniaxially anisotropic light-emitting thin film devices. The simulation is based on the radiation of dipole antennas inside a one-dimensional microcavity. Any layer in the microcaviy can be uniaxially anisotropic with an arbitrary orientation of the optical axis. A plane wave expansion for the field of an(More)
Dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystals with a helical pitch of the order of a wavelength have a strong effect on the fluorescence properties of dye molecules. This is a promising system for realizing tunable lasers at low cost. We apply a plane wave model to simulate the spontaneous emission from a layer of cholesteric liquid crystal. We simulate the(More)
We report on the fabrication and simulation of a green OLED with an Internal Light Extraction (ILE) layer. The optical behavior of these devices is simulated using both Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis (RCWA) and Finite Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) methods. Results obtained using these two different techniques show excellent agreement and predict the(More)
Traditionally the TV is thermal designed by considering the maximum load under the worst case ambient conditions. This approach leaves considerable margin unused under all other use cases and ambient conditions. We present a way to utilize this margin to increase the picture quality while ensuring the design constraints remain fulfilled under all ambient(More)
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