Lieve Fransen

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In the 19th century, the incidence of neonatal conjunctivitis varied between 1 and 14% in Europe, and the disease was a main cause of blindness at that time. Since then the epidemiology of ophthalmia neonatorum (ON) has changed and Chlamydia trachomatis is more frequent than Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Both are still very common causes of ON in the developing(More)
The Global HIV Prevention Working Group is a panel of over 50 leading public health experts, clinicians, biomedical and behavioral researchers, advocates, and people affected by HIV/AIDS, convened by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. The Working Group seeks to inform global policy-making, program planning, and(More)
Organizational affiliations are provided for identification purposes only, and do not indicate organizational endorsement. As access to antiretroviral therapy expands in the developing world, millions of people will be drawn into health care settings, providing critical new opportunities to simultaneously expand access to hiv prevention. This report by the(More)
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