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Methods Nineteen subjects (n=19; 8 male, 11 female; age 22.42 ± 3.15 years; body mass: 68.95 ± 12.70 kg; BMI: 23.86 ± 2.85; ht: 168.7 cm) volunteered to participate in the study. All test subjects completed a health history and medical questionnaire, as well as an informed consent form, prior to participation. Participants completed pre and post-testing,(More)
Background Energy supplements are frequently consumed by athletes and recreational fitness enthusiasts as a method of improving exercise performance. Recent research indicates that these types of supplements influence exercise performance by increasing the number of repetitions that can be performed during an acute bout of exercise, thus increasing the(More)
In this integrated STEM learning module we developed a data collection tool and used innovative analysis methods to investigate the relationship between academic achievement and risky wellness behaviors among college students. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was performed using data from college students (n = 1,499) at a large north-central university.(More)
Background Muscular endurance of the trunk is associated with successful performance in athletics, as well as activities of daily living. Furthermore, muscular endurance of the trunk may also play a critical role in injury prevention by allowing individuals to better withstand the effects of repetitive stressors. Pre-exercise, high energy supplements are(More)
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