Liesbeth Micholt

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Guidance of neuronal extensions is a complex process essential for linking neurons into complex functional networks underlying the workings of the neural system. Decades of research have suggested the ability of neuronal growth cones to integrate multiple types of cues during the extension process, but also have raised numerous still unanswered questions(More)
OBJECTIVE One of the strategies to improve cochlear implant technology is to increase the number of electrodes in the neuro-electronic interface. The objective was to characterize in vitro cultures of spiral ganglion neurons (SGN) cultured on surfaces of novel silicon micro-pillar substrates (MPS). APPROACH SGN from P5 rat pups were cultured on MPS with(More)
Magnetic nanoparticle (MNP) enabled cell visualization with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is currently an intensively studied area of research. In the present study, we have synthesized polyethylene glycolated (PEG) MNPs and validated their suitability as MR cell labeling agents in in vitro and in vivo experiments. The labeling of therapeutic potent(More)
The establishment of neuronal connectivity depends on the correct initial polarization of the young neurons. In vivo, developing neurons sense a multitude of inputs and a great number of molecules are described that affect their outgrowth. In vitro, many studies have shown the possibility to influence neuronal morphology and growth by biophysical, i.e.(More)
Very-large scale integration and micro-machining have enabled the development of novel platforms for advanced and automated examination of cells and tissues in vitro. In this paper, we present a CMOS chip designed in a commercial 0.18 μm technology with integrated micro-syringes combined with micro-nail shaped electrodes and readout electronics. The(More)
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