Liesbeth Bakker

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Stroop and Garner interference were studied in two experiments involving stimuli with several irrelevant features. Using these stimuli, which were more complex than those usually used in perceptual interference studies, a new phenomenon occurred: Stroop effects without a corresponding Garner interference were obtained in four out of six nontarget(More)
In this paper we describe a focal plane array (FPA) prototype, based on Vivaldi elements, developed for the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) to increase its instantaneous field of view by a factor 25 and double its current bandwidth. This prototype is the first step in a project that has the ambition to equip most of the WSRT antennas with FPAs(More)
Developments in radio astronomy instrumentation drive the need for lower cost front-ends due to the large number of antennas and low noise amplifiers needed. This paper describes cost reduction techniques for the realization of antennas and low noise amplifiers in combination with a noise budget calculation for array systems in the absence of cryogenic(More)
  • J.-L Scartezzini, A Buttler, +44 authors Résumé Les
  • 2006
Question: What is the effect of gap size on the seedling emergence, growth and survival of 4 common tree species in wood-pastures? Location: A pasture in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland. Methods: Seeds were sown in a complete three-way factorial design with eight blocks in May 2003. Each block consisted of a competition treatment (4 gap sizes including(More)
This paper discusses low noise room temperature LNAs with application in the SKA-mid frequency range between 400 MHz and 1500 MHz, using recently obtained measured noise temperatures close to 20 K. It also presents and compares results for measured minimum transistor noise temperatures at room temperature, with values below 10 K.
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