Lieke Heesink

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BACKGROUND Major depressive disorder (MDD) is characterized by abnormalities in both brain structure and function within a frontolimbic network. However, little is known about the relation between structural and functional abnormalities in MDD. Here, we used a multimodal neuroimaging approach to investigate the relation between structural connectivity and(More)
Anger and aggression are frequent problems in deployed military personnel. A lowered threshold of perceiving and responding to threat can trigger impulsive aggression. This can be indicated by an exaggerated startle response. Fifty-two veterans with anger and aggression problems (Anger group) and 50 control veterans were tested using a startle experiment(More)
Increases in anger and hostility are commonly found after military deployment. However, it is unknown how anger and hostility develop over time, and which veterans are more at risk for developing these complaints. Data of 745 veterans one month before deployment to Afghanistan and one, six, twelve and 24 months after deployment were analyzed in a growth(More)
The startle blink response is an eye blink in response to an (acoustic) startle stimulus that is frequently used in psychophysiology research and various clinical settings [1]. There are various methods used to preprocess the data, but these methods are time-consuming, and there is little consensus on which method is best [2]. Here we propose improvements(More)
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