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To cope with the explosive traffic demands and limited capacity provided by the current cellular networks, Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) is used to migrate traffic from the cellular networks to the free and high capacity device-to-device networks. The current DTN-based mobile data offloading models do not address the heterogeneity of mobile traffic and(More)
—We study the performance of collaborative vehicular content dissemination, where the content is distributed within the network by vehicle-to-vehicle opportunistic communications and the vehicle nodes are equipped with directional antennas. Through analysing a large real-world vehicle trace, we adopt an accurate mobility model of Lévy-walk to set up the(More)
With the rapid growth of the demands for mobile data, wireless network faces several challenges, such as lack of efficient interconnection among heterogeneous wireless networks, and shortage of customized QoS guarantees between services. The fundamental reason for these challenges is that the radio access network (RAN) is closed and ossified. We propose(More)