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In this paper, an optimized residual vector quantization-based approach is presented for improving the quality of vector quantization and approximate nearest neighbor search. The main contributions are as follows. Based on residual vector quantization (RVQ), a joint optimization process called enhanced RVQ (ERVQ) is introduced. Each stage codebook is(More)
The boom of Internet and multimedia technology leads to the explosion of multimedia information, especially image, which has created an urgent need of quickly retrieving similar and interested images from huge image collections. The content-based high-dimensional indexing mechanism holds the key to achieving this goal by efficiently organizing the content(More)
Although virtual experiment systems have been widely used in universities and colleges, many functions, such as experiment demonstration and experiment process analysis, need to be extended. Operation replay is the core and foundation of these 2 functions. Under MFC framework, the mechanism of operation replay is studied. A method based on message capturing(More)
This paper addresses the globally stable tracking control problem of a class of uncertain multiple-input–multiple-output nonlinear systems. By employing the radial basis function neural networks to compensate for the system uncertainties, a novel switching controller is developed. The key features of the proposed control scheme are presented as follows.(More)
To eliminate the staircasing effect for total variation filter and synchronously avoid the edges blurring for fourth-order PDE filter, a hybrid regularizers-based adaptive anisotropic diffusion is proposed for image denoising. In the proposed model, the [Formula: see text]-norm is considered as the fidelity term and the regularization term is composed of a(More)
This paper addresses the adaptive fuzzy tracking control problem for a class of uncertain nonlinear strict-feedback systems with unknown dead-zone. A stable adaptive fuzzy control scheme is developed by using the backstepping technique. The obtained controller guarantees that the size of the tracking error satisfies the known accuracy. In addition,(More)
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