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OBJECTIVE To directly ascertain the physiological roles in adipocytes of hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL; E.C., a multifunctional hydrolase that can mediate triacylglycerol cleavage in adipocytes. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES We performed constitutive gene targeting of the mouse HSL gene (Lipe), subsequently studied the adipose tissue phenotype(More)
The 84-kDa hormone-sensitive lipase (gene designation Lipe; EC is a cholesterol esterase and triglyceride hydrolase that functions in the release of fatty acids from adipocytes. The role of hormone-sensitive lipase in other tissues such as the testis, where a specific 120-kDa testis-specific isoform is expressed, is unknown. To study this, we(More)
Theoretical models of the spin-orbital liquid (SOL) FeSc2S4 have predicted it to be in close proximity to a quantum critical point separating a spin-orbital liquid phase from a long-range ordered magnetic phase. Here, we examine the magnetic excitations of FeSc2S4 through time-domain terahertz spectroscopy under an applied magnetic field. At low(More)
The presence of optical polarization anisotropies, such as Faraday or Kerr effects, linear birefringence, and magnetoelectric birefringence are evidence for broken symmetry states of matter. The recent discovery of a Kerr effect using near-IR light in the pseudogap phase of the cuprates can be regarded as a strong evidence for a spontaneous symmetry(More)
Plant traits are important indices for regulating and controlling yield ability in soybean varieties. It is important to comprehensively study the quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping for soybean plant traits, cloning related genes, and marker assistant breeding. In this study, 236 F2 generation plants and a derivative group were constructed by using(More)
We investigate the field-tuned quantum phase transition in a 2D low-disorder amorphous InO(x) film in the frequency range of 0.05 to 16 GHz employing microwave spectroscopy. In the zero-temperature limit, the ac data are consistent with a scenario where this transition is from a superconductor to a metal instead of a direct transition to an insulator. The(More)
We report the discovery of a new smectic-C{*} liquid-crystal phase with six-layer periodicity by resonant x-ray diffraction. Upon cooling, the new phase appears between the SmC{alpha}{*} phase having a helical structure and the SmC{d4}{*} phase with four-layer periodicity. This SmC{d6}{*} phase was identified in two mixtures which have an unusual reversed(More)
The polarity and structure of the phases of a liquid crystal constituted by thiophene-based bent-core molecules is investigated by means of optical second-harmonic generation (SHG), and resonant and conventional X-ray diffraction. The material studied is representative of a wide family of mesogens that contain silyl groups at the ends of the chains. These(More)
The compound 10OHF has a partially inverted phase sequence, unique among the series of nOHF homologous compounds and all other known liquid crystals, with the smectic-C*FI2 (SmC*FI2) phase occurring at higher temperature than the smectic-C* (SmC*) phase. We present ellipsometric data to identify the phase sequences of 9OHF, 10OHF, 11OHF, and 12OHF. Binary(More)
Surface effects cause tilted molecular arrangements in smectic layers near the surface of a free-standing liquid-crystal film in which the bulk of the film is in the smectic- A phase. One recent work has shown that the tilt directions in adjacent surface layers may be nonplanar. In this paper we study films with thicknesses of two to six smectic layers.(More)