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We propose an efficient centralized scheduling algorithm in IEEE 802.16 based Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN) to provide high qualified wireless multimedia services. Our algorithm takes special attention on the relay function of the mesh nodes in a transmission tree which is seldom studied in previous research. Some important design metrics, such as fairness,(More)
Anycasting has recently become an important research topic, especially for replicated servers. With anycasting, applications can request the "nearest" server for provision of desired (multimedia) service. In this paper, we study efficient distributed admission control (DAC) for anycast flows. We focus on algorithms that perform destination selection and(More)
Recently, IEEE has standardized the 802.16 protocol for wireless metropolitan area networks. In the point-to-multipoint (PMP) mode of the medium access control (MAC), the subscriber stations (SSs) request bandwidth based upon unicast, multicast and broadcast polling by the base station (BS). Polling is the process by which the BS allocates to the SSs(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents a novel analytical model and an efficient admission control (AC) algorithm for IEEE 802.11 distributed coordinated function access mechanism. In contrast to the previous approaches, both saturated and unsaturated states of network are analyzed and the impacts of error-frame rate and retransmission limit are also taken into(More)
In the absence of infrastructure and facing the dynamically changing topology, efficient message routing is one of the most important issues in wireless ad hoc networks. Connected dominating set based routing is a promising approach for enhancing the routing efficiency in the wireless ad hoc networks. However, finding the minimum dominating set in an(More)
In IEEE 802.16 networks, initial ranging is a primary and important procedure of connection setup between subscriber stations and base station. The mandatory method defined in the standard of contention resolution is based on a truncated binary exponential backoff, with a fixed initial contention window size. However, the original algorithm neglects the(More)
With the development of wireless network, more and more applications require the QoS for message transmission. In order to enhance the QoS service in the dynamic changing wireless networks, this paper proposes two channel allocation schemes to improve the resource utilization of the base station, named FSC and FRC. FSC assigns the available shared channel(More)
In this paper, we propose an accurate analytical model to analyze the performance of initial ranging requests in IEEE 802.16 networks. Two metrics, connection probability and average connection delay, are investigated to evaluate the network performance. Performance observation demonstrate that the connection probability is not heavily influenced by the(More)
In order to provide accurate and real-time bandwidth information and enhance the QoS service for bandwidth-sensitive applications in the dynamic changing wireless network, this paper proposes an efficient method for Wireless Bandwidth Detection (WBD) using packet probing approach on mobile nodes. The novelty and contributions of WBD are threefold: (1)(More)