Lidiya M Birioukova

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The densities of the dopamine (DA) D1-like and D2-like receptors were studied by autoradiography in brain regions of rats with (WAG/Rij strain) and without (ACI strain) genetic absence epilepsy. The core of the nucleus accumbens in WAG/Rij rats had a lower density of D1-like receptors than in ACI rats, a reduction of both D1-like and D2-like DA receptors(More)
The effects of metoprine, an inhibitor of histamine N-methyltransferase, on open field activity and brain regional histamine (HA) content were examined in rats with mixed, absence and audiogenic, epilepsy (WAG/Rij-AGS), rats with audiogenic epilepsy (Wistar-AGS) and in non-epileptic control rats (Wistar-nAGS). HA content was increased by metoprine (20mg/kg,(More)
Behavior in the light-dark choice, open field, sucrose consumption/preference and forced swimming tests, monoamines and their metabolites content in 5 brain structures (prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, striatum, hypothalamus, hippocampus), and density of D1- and D2-like dopamine receptors in the prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens and ventral(More)
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