Lidio M. Meireles

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SUMMARY We developed a Python package, ProDy, for structure-based analysis of protein dynamics. ProDy allows for quantitative characterization of structural variations in heterogeneous datasets of structures experimentally resolved for a given biomolecular system, and for comparison of these variations with the theoretically predicted equilibrium dynamics.(More)
Protein-protein interactions are involved in most of the essential processes that occur in living organisms from cell motility to DNA replication, which makes them interesting targets for drug discovery. However, due to the lack of deep pockets, and the large contact surfaces involved in these interactions, they are considered challenging targets and have(More)
Modeling protein flexibility constitutes a major challenge in accurate prediction of protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions in docking simulations. The lack of a reliable method for predicting the conformational changes relevant to substrate binding prevents the productive application of computational docking to proteins that undergo large(More)
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