Lidio M. C. Meireles

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ANCHOR is a web-based tool whose aim is to facilitate the analysis of protein-protein interfaces with regard to its suitability for small molecule drug design. To this end, ANCHOR exploits the so-called anchor residues, i.e. amino acid side-chains deeply buried at protein-protein interfaces, to indicate possible druggable pockets to be targeted by small(More)
1,4-Thienodiazepine-2,5-diones have been synthesized via the Ugi-Deprotection-Cyclization (UDC) approach starting from Gewald 2-aminothiophenes in a convergent and versatile manner. The resulting scaffold is unprecedented, cyclic, and peptidomimetic with four points of diversity introduced from readily available starting materials. In addition to eighteen(More)
This paper introduces a method to detect tree patterns (tree motifs) in a database of rooted unordered labeled trees. The method can be viewed as an extension of the Gibbs sampling approach to detect sequence motifs. Basically, we enumerate tree topologies and for each topology we seek within the database for tree motifs with the given topology. A tree(More)
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