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The great development in micromanipulation technology has exigent request to develop image processing for microscopic images. Considering the characteristics of color microscopic images in micromanipulation imriging system and color information of color microscopic ima;ges, two wavelet transformation based methods in HSI color space and vector space for(More)
Localization is one of the key technologies of wireless sensor networks. This paper presents a new hybrid localization algorithm developed based on Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) and MAX-MIN algorithm, which improves localization accuracy. The conclusion is got from simulation experiments analysis that it's best for anchor nodes to be deployed around(More)
Aimed at energy conservation and QoS requirement, a novel node-disjoint multipath routing protocol for wireless multimedia sensor networks is proposed in this paper. Source routing approach is adopted to generate multipath. By overall considering several attributes, the model of path efficiency is defined through fuzzy multiple criteria decision making(More)
A new hybrid macro-and micro-range fast tool servo (FTS) system is developed that enables diamond turning of optical free-form surfaces. The macro-range FTS is driven by a voice coil motor (VCM), and a PZT actuator is used to drive the micro-range FTS, both of which are guided by flexure hinge. The output force of the VCM is enlarged by a lever. A high(More)
To improve communication reliability and protocols'portability on the nodes of wireless sensor network and ease the development difficulty, a new system design scheme based on the embedded operating system μC/OS-II is proposed in this paper. According to operating system modular design strategy, the way of task partitioning for network protocol stack(More)