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INTRODUCTION In advanced stage of renal carcinoma especially in right kidney because of proximity of inferior vena cava in most centers preoperative embolization of kidney is performed in purpose of facilitating surgery and reducing pre- and postoperative complications. In certain number of patients with indication for inoperability, complete embolization(More)
During the war, June 1992,-August 1994, at the Institute 20 percutaneous fluid collections and abscesses drainages in the belles were done, controlled by the CT. The percutaneous drainage we started in 1984, until now we had 141 cases, 20 cases in the war time, 14 of them were wounded, while the rest was suffering from a malignant process in stomach,(More)
Percutaneous transthoracic aspiration biopsy (PTAB) is an interventional radiologic procedure for histologic confirmation or elimination of malignant nature of the lesion. The development of digital techniques (introduction of CT and US) and small gauge needles increased the interest for this method. CT scanner enables the accurate determination of the(More)
Color Doppler sonography (CDS--spectral, color and power), harmonic imaging techniques (THI, PHI), possibility of 3D analysis of picture, usage of contrast agents, have raised the values of ultrasound as a diagnostic method to a very high level. THI--non-linear gray scale modality, is based on the processing of higher reflected frequencies, that has(More)
UNLABELLED Acute appendicitis represents a leading cause of an abdominal pain in children which requires urgent surgical treatment. AIM OF THE STUDY To investigate into value of ultrasound (US) in diagnostics and differential-diagnostics of acute appendicitis in children. PATIENTS AND METHODS A prospective study during a two-year period, was conducted(More)
The advantages of echography (EG) in the follow-up of morphologic and structural changes of cholecyst are wellknown. In this paper we tried to prove the possibilities of echography in the evaluation of cholecyst contractility as the reflection of its function. In 70 patients peroral cholegraphy (POH) and EG were performed simultaneously. In POH the(More)
In the retrospective study, 210 patients with diagnosed bronchogenic carcinoma have been managed during four years period. In this group there were 23 patients with abdominal metastases; 21 with liver metastases and 2 with adrenal metastases. Abdominal metastatic lesions were diagnosed by ultrasonography and CT. With the patients with liver metastases, 4 of(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study is to analyze the frequency of the congenital anomalies of the digestive tract in the period of 1993-1998. The patients and methods: Our group included 67 patients (47 males and 20 females; age range 1-12 months) suspected of digestive tract anomalies. First, all of them have been examined by pediatric surgeon. At the first(More)
CT-guided percutaneous transthoracic aspiration biopsy presenting one of interventional radiologic procedures, has enabled the sample providing for cytologic analysis. It has been frequently used with the aim of confirmation or elimination of malignant neoplastic process. The main advantages of CT over fluoroscopy are precise needle visualization,(More)