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Granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) was given to 17 patients with advanced breast and ovarian cancer in order to increase the intensity and effectiveness of chemotherapy. Treatment with doxorubicin, at doses of 75 mg m-2 (n = 4 patients), 100 mg m-2 (n = 5), 125 mg m-2 (n = 6) and 150 mg m-2 (n = 2), was followed by infusion of G-CSF for 11 days.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether a sensorimotor deficit of the upper limb following a brachial plexus injury (BPI) affects the upright balance. DESIGN Eleven patients with a unilateral BPI and 11 healthy subjects were recruited. The balance assessment included the Berg Balance Scale (BBS), the number of feet touches on the ground while performing a 60 s(More)
This study aims at the effects of traumatic brachial plexus lesion with root avulsions (BPA) upon the organization of the primary motor cortex (M1). Nine right-handed patients with a right BPA in whom an intercostal to musculocutaneous (ICN-MC) nerve transfer was performed had post-operative resting state fMRI scanning. The analysis of empirical functional(More)
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