Lidia Rota Sperti

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BACKGROUND Doses of acetaminophen 40 mg kg(-1) rectally and 15 mg kg(-1) i.v. produce similar effect-site concentrations. However, the clinical effectiveness of these routes has not been compared. The aim of this study was to compare duration and efficacy of analgesia in children following adenotonsillectomy after acetaminophen either 40 mg kg(-1) rectally(More)
Functional relations between hippocampal lamellae, the modular units arranged in parallel in the hippocampal formation, were studied in the guinea pig in experiments of evoked field potential analysis. Perforant path volleys, synaptically elicited by stimulation of the dorsal hippocampal commissure, were used to activate the basic three-neuron lamellar(More)
Responses evoked in the entorhinal area by impulse volleys originating in the ipsilateral hippocampus were analysed in the guinea-pig by means of field potential analysis. Perforant path volleys, synaptically elicited by stimulation of the dorsal psalterium of one side, were used to activate the hippocampal lamellar circuit of the same side and, through(More)
Synaptic effects evoked in the entorhinal area by dorsal hippocampal commissure (dorsal psalterium) projections were analysed in anesthetized adult guinea-pigs by means of a field potential analysis. Stimuli applied to the caudal part of the dorsal psalterium evoked a complex response in the dorsal third of the entorhinal area. The early part of the(More)
Measurement of functional residual capacity (FRC) during controlled and especially during assisted ventilation remains a challenge in the physiological evaluation of ventilated patients. To validate a bag-in-box closed helium dilution technique allowing measurements both during pressure-controlled (PCV) and pressure-support ventilation (PSV). Experimental(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the feasibility of using continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) delivered via a modified helmet to treat children with hypoxemic acute respiratory failure. DESIGN A single-center, prospective, clinical study. SETTING Pediatric intensive care unit in a university hospital. PATIENTS Fifteen consecutive children (from 1 month to(More)