Lidia Klukowska

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The influence of cisplatinum and goserelinum on the magnesium and calcium concentration in rat serum has been studied. The cisplatinum induces decrease in serum magnesium concentration (to 70%), and calcium concentration (to 63%). Goserelinum activity was similar to cisplatinum activity. The magnesium concentration decreased to 60%, and calcium to 44%. In(More)
The purpose of our investigations was to investigate the effect of baclofen upon the reflex fall of arterial blood pressure and heart rate evoked by stimulation of bilateral vagus nerves. The experiments were carried out on 30 rabbits of both sexes and mixed breed weighing 3000-4500 g under urethane anaesthesia (1.5 g/kg). Mean arterial pressure and heart(More)
The study consisted in testing the influence of vincristin and zoladex on mechanical resistance of the femur bone in adult female rats. Vincristin was administered intraperitoneally and zoladex--subcutaneously. The experiments imply that in the group of animals receiving vincristin the bone resistance decreased by 6.4% as compared to the control group, and(More)
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