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Hydrophilic intravaginal tablets based on methylcellulose and containing lactic acid component with Eudragit E-100 undergo swelling in standard conditions. A high flow-limit of the gel that originates from the tablets as well as its dynamic viscosity should allow for the durable dosage form in the vagina. By choosing a 1:1 ratio of lactic acid to Eudragit(More)
During uterus contractions detaching of amino-chorionic layer from uterus wall occurs and released fibronectin penetrates into amniotic fluid. The aim of this study was to estimate in a quantity mode the presence of fibronectin in amniotic fluid and to find the dependence between the fibronectin level in amniotic fluid and the period of time from collecting(More)
The aim of this study was to discuss a case of an acute, hemorrhagic, overgrowing vaginal inflammation caused by Streptococcus agalacitae. Intravaginal globules based on methylcellulose and gelatin, containing a lactic acid and chitosan complex in mole relation 1:1 to 4:1 and, in succesion, an addition of hydrophilisating substances like: PEG-200,(More)
OBJECTIVES There are many reports informing about the connection between BV and the increased risk of preterm delivery. The reason of self-concession and reversion of BV after having executed an efficient treatment has not yet been properly explained. DESIGN The aim of this work was the clinical valuation of the 2% Clindamycin cream in the treatment of BV(More)
The introduction of the ultrasonographical examinations into the obstetrical diagnostics has created further possibilities in the process of recognition of the isthmico-cervical insufficiency. The qualification of the opening forms of the internal cervical os, described as Y, V and U forms, is possible with the utilization of transperineal and, especially,(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the relation among the concentration of selected air pollution and seminal parameters, examined from 1977 to 2000. DESIGN Semen analysis and air pollution results were retrospectively evaluated. MATERIALS AND METHODS We have analysed semiograms from 1363 men from infertile couples inhabiting Lower Silesia. Seminal volume, sperm(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was estimation of the influence of computer supervision of delivery on the way of medical management during partus. MATERIALS AND METHODS Authors analyzed 10,983 labours which took place in years 1990-1999 in University Clinic of Reproduction and Obstetrics of Medical Academy in Wrocław. Cases of labours without computer(More)
On the ground of the analysis of 79 twin pregnancies, the valuation of newborns' condition in Apgar's scale, according to the delivery means, has been executed. The lack of differences between the mean values of the scale has been ascertained. There was no indication of any difference between the condition of the twin I and II. Furthermore, there has been(More)
The aim of this study was the general valuation of the course and the delivery means of the twin pregnancies. The research material composed of 83 from among 5540 pregnant women hospitalized in the Department of Reproduction and Obstetrics Medical University of Wrocław in the years 1995-1999. The mean body mass values and the condition of the newborns have(More)