Lide Wang

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—The classification accuracy of the least squares support vector machine (LSSVM) models strongly depends on proper setting of its parameters. An optimal selection approach of LSSVM parameters is put forward based on multi-swarm cooperative chaos particle swarm optimization (MCCPSO) algorithm. Chaos particle swarm optimization (CPSO) can improve the ability(More)
I Abstract-Developments in system-on<hip and wireless technologies have led to complex electronic systems to he miniaturized to size of ingestible capsule and implantable microsystems. Inevitably such miniaturized complex systems impose some constraints on the case of an ingestible diagnostic capsule. It is desirable that system be wireless, programmable,(More)
—Researches on Driver Fatigue Detection System, which aims to ensure the safety of operations and to reduce traffic accidents caused by artificial factors, has been the major research subject in transportation safety. There is an enormous advantage in the method obtaining the driver's image by camera, We propose efficient tracking and detecting algorithm(More)
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