Lida Schneider

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Osteoarticular infections caused by Salmonella enterica subsp. arizonae are rarely seen in humans but young children and immunocompromised adults are at particular risk of acquiring this bacteria. Reptiles and their by-products (e.g. meat preparations or medications) are particularly likely to harbor Salmonella. We report on a case of septic arthritis of(More)
In 37 brain, head and neck tumors, sagittal and coronal MR-images were superimposed on lateral and AP simulator radiographs for target definition using a subtrascope. The accurate, reproducible and efficient integration of sagittal and coronal images led to individualized delineation of target and normal tissue on simulator radiographs.
BACKGROUND Keloids are benign diseases of the skin. Because of the high rate of relapses after operation often postoperative irradiation is used. Treatment modalities must be collected by Patterns of Care Studies before therapy advice may be given from DEGRO. PATIENTS AND METHOD Dates of investigations with questionnaire on mail of 250 radiotherapy(More)
PURPOSE Does prophylactic treatment with proteolytic enzymes reduce acute toxicity of adjuvant pelvic radiotherapy? MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifty-six patients with an indication for adjuvant pelvic irradiation after curative surgery were double-blind randomized. All patients took 3 x 4 capsules study medication daily during radiotherapy. Twenty-eight(More)
INTRODUCTION Among bone reconstruction techniques, the induced membrane technique, proposed in 1986 by Masquelet, has rarely been studied or evaluated in the surgical literature until recently. The 2010 French Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology (SoFCOT) Annual Convention symposium was the occasion to evaluate a large cases series having used(More)
Keloide stellen eine gutartige Gewebswucherung der Haut dar. Wegen der hohen Rezidivwahrscheinlichkeit nach alleiniger operativer Entfernung wird vielfach eine postoperative Strahlentherapie eingesetzt. Um Therapierichtlinien aufstellen zu können, ist die Erfassung der gegenwärtigen Therapiedurchführung und der dadurch erzielten Ergebnisse sowie(More)
Acute compartment syndrome of the leg is generally a consequence of trauma. Exercise-induced acute compartment syndrome of the leg is an exceptional clinical entity observed in the context of a chronic compartment syndrome or as an isolated acute syndrome subsequent to an intense effort. Our patient was a young athlete with no history of exercise-induced(More)
A 16-year-old boy sustained a salter III fracture of the upper tibia following a motorcycle accident. Except for well localized knee pain, the patient did not have any other symptom. Repeated clinical examination did not reveal any absent peripheral pulse. Given the state of the fracture, anatomical reduction and screw fixation was planned in the operating(More)
Eikenella corrodens (EC) is a human commensal microorganism of the mouth flora. This bacterium is rarely reported in bone and joint infections in children, but the consequences on the joint function can be devastating and irreversible. We report the case of septic arthritis of the hip following an oral wound in a 12-year-old boy. The progression of the(More)
Objective : The aim of this study is to evaluate both the anatomical and functional consequences of our treatment protocol of diaphyseal femoral fractures in children under 6 years old Methods : We conducted a retrospective analysis of a series containing 50 children in Strasbourg University Hospital whom had traumatic diaphyseal femoral fractures and(More)