Licinio Angelini

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The sonographic appearance of 141 hepatic and abdominal hydatid cysts was studied in 63 patients undergoing therapy with benzoimidazolic compounds. The cysts were evaluated for size, margins of the cyst wall, and echo pattern of cyst contents to establish the response to the drugs. Changes seen on ultrasound (US) scans were classified as decrease in size,(More)
Intraoperative pancraticosonography was employed in six patients to localize suspected endocrine tumours and to study the specific ultrasonic features. The cases included four insulinomas, one case of occult G-cell apudoma and one case of beta-cell microadenomatosis. Endocrine tumours are generally hypoechoeic and well defined with smooth borders. The study(More)
A series of 475 patients who underwent surgery for rectal carcinoma were followed up and entered this study. Sexual and bladder function before and after surgery with respect to the surgical procedure was considered. 221 patients gave suitable information about their urinary function: bladder dysfunction was observed in 20% of amputated patients as against(More)
In the surgical treatment of tumors of the middle third of the rectum, we have been performing low colorectal anastomoses, with the EEA stapler introduced transanally, as a sphincter-saving operation, during the last three years. Our experience covers 134 patients; in 89 of these, manual reconstruction was found to be technically impossible. In such cases,(More)
Tele-mentoring is an interactive experimental method that allows young surgeons' education by distant learning tutoring of an expert surgeon. The problem about assessment of efficacy and quality of computer-assisted instruction is under evaluation today. Tele-mentoring is supported by videoconferencing system and it is not an exclusive methodology but an(More)
The degree of lymphocytic infiltration in and around breast tumours together with sinus histiocytosis and follicular hyperplasia in regional lymph nodes has been studied in 310 cases of breast cancer treated with standard radical mastectomy. The presence of these features was regarded as evidence of host resistance against the tumour and made possible the(More)
BACKGROUND Both pneumoperitoneum and blind needle and trocar insertion may cause complications: because of the well-known physiological effects, CO2 insufflation is not indicated in patients with impairment of cardiorespiratory function and high-risk patients; injuries to underlying viscera and vessels by needles and trocars have been reported even when the(More)
The Italian experience with Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) started in 1991. Until April, 1994, 122 patients were operated on by such a technique in six centres. The surgical protocol in the 66 patients with benign lesions was similar to that described by Buess. In contrast to the German experience, the indications of TEM for cancer have been(More)