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Fibroblasts, the major cell type in tumor stroma, are essential for tumor growth and survival, and represent an important therapeutic target for cancers. Here we presented a microfluidic co-culture device in which the three-dimensional (3D) matrix was employed to reconstruct an in vivo-like fibroblast-tumor cell microenvironment for investigation of the(More)
In this paper, we propose a cooperative localization algorithm based on Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) for multiple underwater vehicles. Research on cooperative localization of multiple underwater vehicles is an important topic to solve the navigation problem in long range and deep sea. We investigate the improvement in navigation accuracy. In the cooperative(More)
The optimization process of concurrent subspace design (CSD) algorithm is reviewed in details. The study is carried out in the framework of the shape design of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), and which is divided into two disciplines, i.e., low drag design and low noise design. A multiobjective, multidisciplinary design optimization (M&MDO) model(More)
Recently there has been a more focus on the development of an efficient technique for detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), due to their significance in prognosis and therapy of metastatic cancer. However, it remains a challenge because of the low count of CTCs in the blood. Herein, a rapid and high-sensitivity approach for CTCs detection using an(More)
A ballistic missile is one of the main targets of space target defense and often has an established trajectory. As the target, we are only interested in its trajectory. The intercepting missile, as a defense body, controls itself toward the target according to the target state observed information and the control strategies in real time. So, the kinematic(More)
When multiple unmanned underwater vehicles(UUV) are in close proximity, only a few of multiple UUVs are equipped with high precise proprioceptive localization sensors and others can but be equipped with low precise ones for the reason of cost. Though rough localization can be achieved by a dead-reckoning(DR) system, the latter can acquire measurement(More)
Reliable observation of space reentry vehicles is an issue which is worthy of concerning and discussing undoubtedly. The ballistic missile is a typical space reentry vehicle, and it flights along a destined trajectory with a high speed and may maneuver. The motion of the ballistic mission can be approximated by the interaction of the basic motion models(More)
Microchip-based systems have many desirable characteristics and can be used in much cellular biological analysis. This work studied the correlation between the expression of Glucose-regulated protein-78 (GRP78) and anticancer drug VP-16 in human non-small cell lung cancer cell line SK-MES-1 using an integrated microfluidic device. A concentration gradient(More)
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