Lichuan Tang

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Hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) plays important roles in plant biotic and abiotic stress responses. However, the effect of H(2)O(2) stress on the bread wheat transcriptome is still lacking. To investigate the cellular and metabolic responses triggered by H(2)O(2), we performed an mRNA tag analysis of wheat seedlings under 10 mM H(2)O(2) treatment for 6 hour in(More)
Calcium-dependent protein kinases (CPKs) are important Ca2+ signalling components involved in complex immune and stress signalling networks; but the knowledge of CPK gene functions in the hexaploid wheat is limited. Previously, TaCPK2 was shown to be inducible by powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis tritici, Bgt) infection in wheat. Here, its functions in(More)
Gene duplication contributes to the expansion of gene families and subsequent functional diversification. Calcium-dependent protein kinases (CDPKs) are members of an important calcium sensor family involved in abiotic and biotic stress signaling in plants. We report here the molecular evolution and expression analysis of a pair of duplicated CDPK genes CPK7(More)
In this paper, we developed a highly sensitive homogeneous immunoassay by combining fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) with silver nanoparticles (SNPs)-antibody conjugates as probes. We first synthesized 14nm SNPs in aqueous solution and then modified SNPs with 11-mercaptoundecanoicacid (MUA) via SNP-S bond. Resonance light scattering correlation(More)
In this paper, we described a strategy for synthesis of thiol-coated CdTe/CdS/ZnS (core-shell-shell) quantum dots (QDs) via aqueous synthesis approach. The synthesis conditions were systematically optimized, which included the size of CdTe core, the refluxing time and the number of monolayers and the ligands, and then the chemical and optical properties of(More)
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