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Following bioassay-directed fractionation procedures, two 7-oxygenated-8-prenylflavones, (-)-pseudosemiglabrin [1] and (-)-semiglabrin [2], were isolated from an MeOH extract of Tephrosia semiglabra. (-)-Pseudosemiglabrin [1] displayed in vitro inhibitory effects on human platelet aggregation.
as axon guidance cues. Both plexin B1 and plexin B2 are expressed during mouse kidney development. Inbred plexin B2 knockout (PB2 KO) mice die prenatally with defects in olfactory bulb development, neuronal proliferation and neural tube closure (exencephaly). We report here that these PB2 KO mice have defects also in kidney morphogenesis. In PB2 / embryos(More)
Three cytotoxic diterpene quinones, 6,7-dehydroroyleanone [1], horminone [2], and 7-O-methylhorminone [3], were isolated from an MeOH extract of Lepechinia bullata after bioassay-directed fractionation. Compound 3 is a new compound whose structure was determined through spectroscopic analysis.
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