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In this paper, multiagent systems and genetic algorithms are integrated to form a new algorithm, multiagent genetic algorithm (MAGA), for solving the global numerical optimization problem. An agent in MAGA represents a candidate solution to the optimization problem in hand. All agents live in a latticelike environment, with each agent fixed on a(More)
We provide a position-patch based face hallucination method using convex optimization. Recently, a novel position-patch based face hallucination method has been proposed to save computational time and achieve high-quality hallucinated results. This method has employed least square estimation to obtain the optimal weights for face hallucination. However, the(More)
An admissible support vector (SV) kernel (the wavelet kernel), by which we can construct a wavelet support vector machine (SVM), is presented. The wavelet kernel is a kind of multidimensional wavelet function that can approximate arbitrary nonlinear functions. The existence of wavelet kernels is proven by results of theoretic analysis. Computer simulations(More)
A novel algorithm, the immune genetic algorithm(IGA), is proposed based on the theory of immunity in biology which mainly constructs an immune operator accomplished by two steps: a vaccination and an immune selection. IGA proves theoretically convergent with probability 1. Strategies and methods of selecting vaccines and constructing an immune operator are(More)
Nondominated Neighbor Immune Algorithm (NNIA) is proposed for multiobjective optimization by using a novel nondominated neighbor-based selection technique, an immune inspired operator, two heuristic search operators, and elitism. The unique selection technique of NNIA only selects minority isolated nondominated individuals in the population. The selected(More)
For the first time, this paper addresses the problem of adaptive output-feedback control for a class of uncertain stochastic nonlinear strict-feedback systems with time-varying delays using neural networks (NNs). The circle criterion is applied to designing a nonlinear observer, and no linear growth condition is imposed on nonlinear functions depending on(More)
Image compression based on block-based Discrete Cosine Transform (BDCT) inevitably produces annoying blocking artifacts because each block is transformed and quantized independently. This paper proposes a new deblocking method for BDCT compressed images based on sparse representation. To remove blocking artifacts, we obtain a general dictionary from a set(More)
.4bstroet-Thrporticl~ swarm optimization algorithm is (I new methodologV in evolutionnry computation It has been found to be exfremely cffecn'vc in solving (I wide range of engineering problems, however, it b of low eflcieney in dealing with the discrete problems. In this paper, o new discrete psrticlc sworn optimization nlgorirhm bosed on quantum(More)
Recently, MOEA/D (multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition) has achieved great success in the field of evolutionary multi-objective optimization and has attracted a lot of attention. It decomposes a multi-objective optimization problem (MOP) into a set of scalar subproblems using uniformly distributed aggregation weight vectors and(More)