Lichao Yin

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Cloud providers are in a position to greatly improve the trust clients have in network services: IaaS platforms can isolate services so they cannot leak data, and can help verify that they are securely deployed. We describe a new system called CQSTR that allows clients to verify a service's security properties. CQSTR provides a new cloud container(More)
A novel dual-mode sulfur-based cathode material is prepared for the first time, in which sulfur is embedded in both the pyrolyzed PAN nanoparticles (pPAN) and mildly reduced graphene oxide nanosheets (mGO). The pPAN-S/mGO-S composite demonstrates outstanding electrochemical performances in the rechargeable Li-S batteries.
Composite materials of porous pyrolyzed polyacrylonitrile-sulfur@graphene nanosheet (pPAN-S@GNS) are fabricated through a bottom-up strategy. Microspherical particles are formed by spray drying of a mixed aqueous colloid of PAN nanoparticles and graphene nanosheets, followed by a simple heat treatment with elemental sulfur. The pPAN-S primary nanoparticles(More)
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