Libuse Melinova

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Uncontrolled cell proliferation is the hallmark of malignant tumours. Thus, the proliferative potential of tumour cells is an important prognostic factor. However, evaluation of the prognostic significance of the expression of proteins involved in regulation of cell proliferation remains controversial. In the present study, expression of Ki-67, PCNA and(More)
A multivariate analysis of the prognostic factors was carried out with a Cox model on 167 patients with Stage I-IV Hodgkin's disease. The following indicators were prospectively registered: Sex, age, clinical stage, systemic symptoms, histological type, number of involved areas, nodal size, mediastinal thoracic ratio (MTR), localization of mediastinal(More)
A group of 228 patients with cancer of the lungs admitted in the course of 15 months to the Second Clinic for TB and Respiratory Diseases was classified according to the complicating pleural exudate. At the onset or in the course of the disease the exudate developed in 24 patients (11%)--group A, in the remaining 204--group B--there is no information on an(More)
Malignant pleural effusion complicates various malignant diseases, most frequently lung and breast cancer. A group of 20 patients with this complication were treated with the Czechoslovak vaccine Corynebacterium parvum and the English preparation Coparvax, and their effects and side-effects were compared. Within 4 weeks following the application, 7 patients(More)
In a group of 171 patients with pleural effusions included in a perspective study at the Second Clinic for Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases in Prague in 1986-1990, the authors evaluated the asset of examination methods for the diagnosis of different types of effusions. They compared differences between the group of patients with effusions associated(More)
From a group of 366 patients with complete data complete remission was achieved by 290. Fifty-five patients relapsed, 39 men and 16 women, mostly with an initial finding of advanced disease (KS III + IV 64%), with affection of the mediastinum (73%) aged under 40 years. 42% of the relapses were detected within one year after termination of primary treatment(More)
CD44 is a polymorphic family of cell surface glycoproteins that was recently reported to have important role in cell adhesion and migration as well as modulation of cell-matrix interactions. Thus, expression of CD44 has been proposed to be associated with malignant behavior of tumors like invasive growth and formation of metastasis. The expression of CD44s(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify in patients with pleural effusion which procedures are most useful in separating malignant from nonmalignant pleural effusions and to identify which procedures most commonly lead to a definitive diagnosis. DESIGN Prospective consecutive case series. SETTING Pulmonary referral hospital in Prague, Czech Republic. PATIENTS One(More)