Libusa Révészová

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Bill Gates in 1999 wrote: “Your ability to gain, process and use information decides whether you will belong to winners or losers.” Since then, the meaning of his words has been constantly increasing. We often recognize an attitude that the primary issues in the development, implementation and effective application of informatics and ICT in(More)
  • L. Reveszova
  • 2013
Today it is very important to prepare students for challenges of knowledge economy. It is necessary for all graduates to understand functions, possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of the information and communication technology, modelling and simulation. However informatics, modelling and the use of ICT create a very extensive field for studying. How(More)
The degree of including information, knowledge and technologies into all human activities is very high. New skills for new society are not only classical literacy (reading, writing, counting), but also information competencies and digital/computer literacy. According to ACM Europe Working Group in our “digital world”, information is available anywhere at(More)
Informatics is a relatively young discipline which is very dynamically developing at present. Since its implementation and applications are important in all areas it has become a regular school subject. Probably because of unpredictable development and impact in the future, there are many questions concerning the content and methods of informatics(More)
In the article there is described application of new trends in the field of modelling in academic education – object oriented methods of modelling information systems and business processes, analysis of user requirements and supporting of students creativity using a project method. Resumé: V príspevku sa zaoberáme úlohou modelovania vo vyučovaní, hodnotením(More)
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