Libo Deng

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The performance of speech cleaning and noise adaptation algorithms is heavily dependent on the quality of the noise and channel models. Various strategies have been proposed in the literature for adapting to the current noise and channel conditions. In this paper, we describe the joint learning of noise and channel distortion in a novel framework called(More)
3D integrated circuits (3DICs) by stacking electronic devices can increase system functionality while decreasing the overall footprint. Through silicon via (TSV) technology based on thin wafers (typically below 100 μm) has been developed to realize 3DIC stacking over the last decades. Due to their fragileness and tendency of warping, thin device(More)
This paper proposes a basic ARM full system simulation framework, a novel approach to understanding the behavior of modern embedded systems. Our simulation framework implements the kernel architecture of the ARM ISA, on which one can run and debug system or user-level programs. It has flexible software architecture, and good encapsulation of the(More)
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