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PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of 3 months vs. 8 months of neoadjuvant hormonal therapy before conventional dose radiotherapy (RT) on disease-free survival using prostate-specific antigen PSA and biopsies as end points for clinically localized prostate cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between February 1995 and June 2001, 378 men were randomized to either 3(More)
Therapeutic irradiation of fields containing cardiac pacemakers presents a unique problem to pacemaker physicians and radiation oncologists alike. The present case involved a proposed radiation field containing both subclavian pockets. As an alternative solution, the Cordis model 334A implantable pulse generator was irradiated using a backup temporary(More)
A technique for homogeneous irradiation of the "short-necked" laryngeal cancer patient is presented. The method is similar to a previously described technique in that inferiorly angled opposed lateral beams are used with tissue compensators and beam wedges. The advantages of the technique presented here are that the patient is treated supine rather than(More)
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