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How to improve Internship and Practical Training, promote student's hands-on ability during programming teaching is a subject that worth to researching. According to current issues on programming design of computer program of experimental teaching, a Web-Based Examination and Evaluation System for Computer Programming is designed and implemented. This(More)
The mutation operator is the only genetic operator in Evolutionary Programming (EP). In the past researchers have nominated Gaussian, Cauchy, and Lévy distributions as mutation operators. According to the No Free Lunch theorem [9], no single mutation operator is able to outperform all others over the set of all possible functions. Potentially there is(More)
In this study we use Genetic Programming (GP) as an offline hyper-heuristic to evolve a mutation operator for Evolutionary Programming. This is done using the Gaussian and uniform distributions as the terminal set, and arithmetic operators as the function set. The mutation operators are automatically designed for a specific function class. The contribution(More)
With the quick expansion of Japanese services’ outsourcing, 65% of Japanese ITO projects are outsourced to China, among which, ITO projects account for a big share. Based on a failed case of Japan’s ITO project, this paper makes an analysis on plans of project management, project tasks and human resources management. The purpose of this paper is to find out(More)
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