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Background benzene, toluene, xylenes (BTX) average concentrations have been measured over the urban agglomeration of Toulouse, France, during both springtime and summer periods of 1999 and 2001. The benzene average amount over the two Toulouse campaigns in 1999 is equal to 2.2 microg/m(3), very close to the French air quality standard and well under the(More)
Dengue, similar to other arboviral diseases, exhibits complex spatiotemporal dynamics. Even at town or village level, individual-based spatially explicit models are required to correctly reproduce epidemic curves. This makes modelling at the regional level (province, country or continent) very difficult and cumbersome. We propose here a first step to build(More)
An inventory describing the fluxes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), isoprene and monoterpenes, and other VOCs (OVOCs) from the biosphere to the atmosphere, has been constructed within the framework of the ESCOMPTE project (fiEld experimentS to COnstrain Models of atmospheric Pollution and Transport of Emissions). The area concerned, located around(More)
Two-dimensional gene scanning (TDGS) is a method for analyzing multiple DNA fragments in parallel for all possible sequence variations, using extensive multiplex PCR and two-dimensional electrophoretic separation on the basis of size and melting temperature. High throughput application of TDGS is limited by the prolonged time periods necessary to complete(More)
Magnetic storage based on racetrack memory is very promising for the design of ultra-dense, low-cost and low-power storage technology. Information can be coded in a magnetic region between two domain walls or, as predicted recently, in topological magnetic objects known as skyrmions. Here, we show the technological advantages and limitations of using Bloch(More)
We study, both experimentally and by numerical modeling, the magnetic dynamics that can be excited in a magnetic thin-film nanopillar device using the spin torque from a spatially localized current injected via a 10s-of-nm-diameter aperture. The current-driven magnetic dynamics can produce large amplitude microwave emission at zero magnetic field, with a(More)
We have employed complete micromagnetic simulations to analyze dc current driven self-oscillations of a vortex core in a spin-valve nanopillar in a perpendicular field by including the coupled effect of the spin-torque and the magnetostatic field computed self-consistently for the entire spin-valve. The vortex in the thicker nanomagnet moves along a(More)
We report micromagnetic simulations of current-driven magnetization reversal of the free-layer nanomagnet in Ir 20 Mn 80 /Ni 80 Fe 20 /Cu/Ni 80 Fe 20 nanoscale spin valves for large current pulses and compare the results to experiments. Our simulations demonstrate that the mechanism of current-driven magnetization reversal in these samples can depend(More)
We describe a novel method to study drastic change in ecosystems, based on generic functions used in the study of phase transitions and related physical phenomena. We illustrate its use by applying it to the problem of shallow lake eutrophication, and express our results in terms of an interplay between phosphorus content in the water column and fluxes of(More)
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